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Tips for Headcoverings
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Tips for Headcoverings

Helpful Ideas for Wearing a Headcovering

Ladies may wear headcoverings for a variety of reasons.  Although our covering are designed for those that veil for religious reasons, some ladies seek a headcovering for hair loss or medical reasons.  Some ladies that cover as a part of their faith and practice may cover at different times.  One may wear a covering at all times, day and night, others during waking hours, some only when leaving the home, and yet others only at prayer or worship.  (You can read 1 Corinthians 11 of the Bible for the purpose of a why some Christian women wear a headcovering. In the discussion group link and the Maggie's Veil link below, you can learn more about this and reasons why some Christian women follow this Bible scripture to veil.)

When looking for a headcovering, consider your reason for wearing one and consider what would likely work best for you in fit and comfort.  If you are a member of a church that advises a specific type or design of covering for the membership, we encourage you to submit to it or discuss any concerns with your church leadership, or talk to the ladies in your church for help with getting a comfortable fit.

Please note that differences in head shape, head size, how the hair is worn, hair type, hair bun shape, hair bun size, and hair bun placement are all a lot of variables in how a headcovering will fit and it will fit each person differently. Even a small difference in one of these variables can give a different look and different fit.  For these reasons, it can be difficult to make one covering pattern that fits everyone the same!

Some patterns will make a covering that is more versatile.  The Missionary Veil is one that is likely to fit a lot of ladies in a similar way because its design is loose and flowing.  On the other side, the Pleated Covering pattern is very fitted and contoured in design and will fit everyone very differently.  We have tried to include tips and ideas with many of the patterns on how to adapt the pattern for a larger or smaller fit.  In addition, below is a wonderful link for trying different hair buns and styles. 

The best thing is to find a covering design is best for you and your individual headcovering needs. Perhaps you may want to try a few different styles, or talk to others to see what has worked for them and why.  Maybe you could exchange or share coverings with others to try to see what works best for you.  What doesn't work for one, may work well for you!  Below are also some links and resources to assist you.

Please bookmark this webpage before you visit the other links as they will take you away from this website.


How to Make a Hair Bun A friend of mine has compiled a variety of ways to put hair up in a bun or twist. The way your hair is worn can greatly affect the fit of a covering and how it looks on you. Trying a different hair bun can help greatly.  The "Mennonite Bun", "Krista's Bun", and "Flat Buns" are all excellent for making a bun that lays flat against the head without feeling so burdensome or heavy.  My hair is very long and very thick and this bun style works well.  Perhaps try a few styles and see what you like.  Some buns take practice, but once you get the hang of it, they are fast and easy to do.


Securing Your Headcovering Some headcoverings can easily slip or slide off the head due to the smoothness of the hair.  This can be worrisome for anyone, and especially for someone new to headcovering that feels very aware of their covering when out in public. Here are some ideas to help make sure your covering stays in place.  Again, remember some things may work better for some than others.

-Secure on with bobby pins

-Use barrette can even paint the clippies with acrylic paint to match your covering color so the clippies don't show as much.

-Sew the "hook" side of Velcro to the under side of the brim or veil edge. The "hooks"grasp your hair and help prevent the snood from slipping.

-If wearing a bonnet with elastic...Make the back nape elastic a bit tighter (and/or shorten the brim length) than is needed to give a tighter fit on the head. But be careful, making a too tight covering will cause it to also slide or "pop" off the back of the head.

-For those that wear their hair down...put hair in a ponytail or braid, then put the covering on...for some reason that seems to help with some styles.

-make buttonholes in the brim lining layer of a bonnet covering of a facing layer of a veil...then you can use the buttonholes in the underside of the brim to secure hair clips to the brim and your hair without clips showing.

-Hand sew two small hair combs to the underside of the brim or veiling edge. Those can then slide into your hair when you put the brim on to help prevent slipping.

-Secure a headband beneath your veil or bonnet by hand-stitching the headband to the cover.

-Place a barrette or clip at the top of your head and then secure your veil or bonnet over and fasten to the clip with a pin. The pin serves as an "anchor" for your covering.


Headcovering Sewing Patterns Here is the direct link to the headcovering patterns from our website:


Free Headcovering Pattern Here is a free pattern to make a headcovering.  It is a simple style known by a variety names.  Some call it a "chapel veil", "charity veil", "bush veil", or "oval veil".  Stretch knit fabric works very well.  If you have trouble hemming a rounded edge, you can just sew a thin lace trim along the edge.


Maggie's Veil  One woman's impressions of wearing a Christian headcovering and her story of how she came to start wearing a veil. She shares tips for those new to wearing a head covering, some words and scriptures about Biblical modesty and being both practical and modest, and some sewing information.  I've enjoyed Maggie's writing for many years! Visit here for her welcome page: and here for more topics and contents:


Headcovering Discussion Group  Join with other ladies online to discuss headcovering on an online forum, or by email. This can be especially helpful for those new to covering, considering wearing a headcovering, or those that do not know any other ladies that wear coverings and would like support and encouragement.  Remember, there are many opinions and beliefs on headcovering.  Remember that what is best for them may not be what is right for you. Headcovering is a personal decision between you, the Lord, your spouse and church. 

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