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Headcovering Patterns Catalog > Ladies Patterns > Headcovering Patterns

For our customers wearing the ladies headcovering (1 Corinthians 11:1-16), we are happy to offer a variety of veil and bonnet/cap patterns! Veils fasten behind the head and can be secured with bobby-pins or clips. Bonnets/caps can be secured at brim with straight pins, bobby-pins or clips.

Also, we have provided a webpage of some helpful tips, suggestions, and ideas for wearing a headcovering and ideas for putting up your hair beneath the covering...


Missionary Veil Pattern-headcovering pattern, headcoverings, veils, prayer veils, head coverings, pattern, patterns, veil, v
Missionary Veil Pattern
Gathered Bonnet Pattern-gathered bonnet, headcovering, head cover, prayer kapp, prayer cap, bonnet pattern, bonnet patterns,
Gathered Bonnet Pattern
Cloth Snood Pattern-snood, snoods, snood pattern, sewing, brimmed snood, headcovering, sewing pattern
Cloth Snood Pattern
Pleated Covering Pattern-amish kapp, cap, prayer covering, amish, mennonite, pleated covering, headcovering, headcovering,
Pleated Covering Pattern
Summer Sunbonnet Pattern-Sunbonnet, sunbonnet pattern, sun bonnet, amish bonnet, bonnet sewing pattern, pioneer, ingalls
Summer Sunbonnet Pattern
Winter Bonnet Pattern-winter bonnet, bonnet pattern, costume, bonnets, pioneer bonnet, amish bonnet, mennonite bonnet,
Winter Bonnet Pattern
Reversible Kerchief Pattern-reversible veil, darted kerchief, headcovering pattern, sew headcoverings, headcovering patterns
Reversible Kerchief Pattern
Slip-on Covering Pattern-slip-on covering, headcovering, prayer covering, underscarf, bonnet, cap, caplet, caps, bonnets,
Slip-on Covering Pattern
Slip-on Veil Pattern-headcovering, headcover, headcovers, habit, veil, veilings, nuns habit, pattern, patterns, prayer
Slip-on Veil Pattern
Vintage Covering Pattern-vintage, bonnet, Amish, Mennonite, quaker, covering
Vintage Covering Pattern
Slat Outing Bonnet Pattern-outing bonnet, bonnet pattern, amish, old-fashioned, pioneer, amish, pattern, patterns, for, sca
Slat Outing Bonnet Pattern
Shaker Bonnet Pattern-shaker bonnet, shaker headcovering, shaker, headcover, pattern, patterns, pattern for
Shaker Bonnet Pattern
Traditional Amish Covering Pattern-bonnet, amish, cap, amish covering, mennonite, kapp, pattern, amish clothes, clothing, sewing
Traditional Amish Covering Pattern
Nebraska Headcovering Pattern-prayer cap, kapp, pattern, patterns, headcovering, night cap, amish, schwartzentruber, veil
Nebraska Headcovering Pattern
Heart-Shaped Headcovering Pattern-heart shaped, headcovering, covering, heart-shaped kapp, cap, kapp, amish bonnet, amish, old order,
Heart-Shaped Headcovering Pattern
Jewel Head Covering pattern-Jewel Head Covering pattern
Jewel Head Covering pattern
Anna's Headcovering Pattern-headcovering, head covering, pattern, pattern for headcovering, headcovering pattern, patterns, veil
Anna's Headcovering Pattern
Sun Bonnets-Sun Bonnets by The King's Daughters
Sun Bonnets
Ladies Veil Pack-Ladies Veil Pack by The King's Daughters
Ladies Veil Pack
Prairie Bonnet Pattern-bonnet pattern, sunbonnets, sunbonnet, pattern, patterns, bonnet, prairie bonnet, baby, girls, ladie
Prairie Bonnet Pattern
Bow Bonnet-Bow Bonnet
Bow Bonnet
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