Trim the edges, if needed, to make sure they are all still even and lined up.  Using a serger (if you have a serger) or with a regular sewing machine, zig-zag stitch with a very tight together stitch, go around the entire edge of the insert.  Be sure to catch all the layers, all the way around.  Secure the end of your stitch by either tying or back tacking.


You did it!  Your insert is done!





You could also turn and topstitch your inserts.  This is a good method, especially for flannels or fabrics that fray.  For this method, add another 1/2” to your width and length measurements.  Now stack your layers, for example, if you are using 6 layers...Stack three layers right side up, and the other three right side down on top of the first three.  Stitch all around the edge of your stack using a 1/4” seam allowance, stopping your stitch a few inches from where you started.




This prevents bunching and shifting of the layers as you sew, and in later washing, drying, and wear.



Make Your Own Diaper Inserts!

Save money by making your own diaper inserts for your Fuzzi BunzTM or “pocket diapers”!  Here are some simple tips to get you started!






How many should I make?

This depends on how many diapers you are making inserts for.  We recommend using 1-2 inserts per diaper for daytime use and 2-3 inserts for nighttime.  Some heavy-wetting babies may need 3-4 inserts.



What kind of fabric should I use?

There are lots of fabrics that would work well.  We recommend cotton knit jersey or interlock or 100% cotton flannel.  You could even save more money by using old flannel sheets, receiving blankets, baby towels, t-shirts, or flannel shirts to make your inserts!  If using flannel or knit jersey or interlock, we recommend about 6-8 layers per insert.  Some moms have used synthetic fabrics as well, such as microterry.  You could also use birdseye or gauze weave diapering fabric.  Use a good, quality thread and prewash your fabrics.



How do I make my inserts?

The easiest method to make you inserts is to make a rectangular shape insert.  Cut 6-8 layers per insert in the size needed:


For small diapers:

13” long x 4.5” wide


For medium diapers:

15” long x 4.75” wide


For large diapers:

17” long x 4.75” wide


Stack your layers and make sure all the edges are even.  Use a straight stitch or a zig zag stitch and stitch down the length of the stack starting a few inches from one edge and ending a few inches from the other.

Then topstitch all around the edge of the insert, catching the opening closed.

Don’t want a rectangular insert?  Then make them a contour/hourglass shape...




Another idea...Have old prefold diapers you no longer use?  Cut them to the size needed and serge or finish the edges with bias tape to make an insert!

Make the middle width the same as the width measurement listed for the appropriate size above.  But taper out the top and bottom to make them a bit wider to fill more space in the diaper.  You can curve all the edges if desired, especially if using a serger.

These measurements are just what I use.  You can adjust the measurements to what works best for you, if desired.

Turn the stack through the opening so the right sides of the fabric is now out.  Make the same stitch down the center of the length of the insert as above to prevent shifting and bunching. 

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